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the club for learning japanese and sometimes using the chat button if you feel like it

It looks like you can now use the club chat to actually talk and type things you want. I've looked at a few clubs but it looks like most people aren't using it much yet. Let's make a less quiet one, huh?

If you're like me and want to use it to help each other learn japanese or just try out your japanese a little bit, join the club I made.

Yakitori Squad


I also reccommend grabbing a japanese keyboard plugin off your app store, it's fun to use and it might even help you remember some of the trickier hiragana.

September 15, 2017



The chat function is an a/b test. So, not everyone has access.

It comes with additional risks to younger Duolingoers who use it. So, I hope the a/b test fails.

Meanwhile, I recommend younger users read these Internet Safety tips.

To everyone, please help set a good example for internet safety for all of our users. Don't ask people their age, which city they live in, or for their private contact information. If you see anyone doing these things, please contact staff immediately by sending an email to Abuse@duolingo.com. Be as thorough as possible in your email to staff. Include the name of the club, the club code if you have it, and the username of the person asking these questions.

Also keep in mind, the Community Guidelines apply to club chats as well. So, please read those before chatting in the clubs. People who violate these guidelines in the club chats can have their accounts banned or removed completely.

Thanks everyone!


Hey, thanks for info! It seems like a really cool feature but I understand that safety is the first priority. I assume having an opt-in or age restricted system is too complicated for the moment?

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