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No sound in Irish

A lot of the sounds clips are not working in Irish - I'm getting no sound. Is anyone else having the same problem ?

September 15, 2017



Yeah, it has appeared from 4 : 5 days and only duolingo can fix it, but no one from Duolingo posted a post about this problem honestly, It is happening with every Irish learner and the solution to this problem is to wait I think till it is fixed by Duolingo :(


Yes, I started learning Irish, 2 days ago, and had no sound,, and I want to learn algo how does that word sounds like. So unfortunately I quitted do to sound problems. So if they fix it please warn others. Thank you.


I’m having the same problem- will not say any of the irish sentences and the slow down feature has never worked

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Can you be a bit more precise in your description of the problem?

You're at level 25, so I presume it's not a surprise to you that Irish has never had audio for most sentences, but a week ago Duolingo started using sentences that don't have any audio for "Type what you hear" exercises, whereas before that, only sentences that had audio clips associated with them were used for that particular type of exercise.

Are you just talking about "Type what you hear" exercises, or are you not getting sound in other places that you expected sound?

Despite submitting bug reports (https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug-) each day this week, there hasn't been any response from Duolingo so far, and there is no obvious way to contact the 4 course contributors listed on the Incubator page for Irish (https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/ga/en/status)


I sent them an email and got a reply - Reference code: 847956. Later I sent them two screen shots and got a confirmation email but nothing since (13th September 2017).

Basically I am hitting quite a few Irish "Type what you hear" questions which play no sound. Its not all but a fair few. One was: An iarracht - The Effort and another was: An greann - The humor. And others.

I know Irish isn't as well supported as French but I have only came across this problem recently. I think its a problem with the servers or the software application needs to be restarted.

I don't think there is any missing exercises.

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I don't consider an automated acknowledgement with a reference number a "reply" - it's generated automatically, and doesn't indicate that anyone has even read your ticket.

I've submitted 3 separate tickets on this issue since September 9th (846129, 848502, 849144) and added additional information to one of them, so I've received automatic acknowledgements, but nobody has actually "replied" to any of the tickets, asking for further information or providing any indication that anyone even understands that there's a problem.


I'm having this too, I can't complete any lessons because half of them are the 'write what you hear' and I can't hear anything


You can go into your settings in the Duolingo app and turn them off.

On the iPhone it's: Clubs, Profile, Settings. Listening exercises off.

Not sure about Android phones, sorry.


yeah that's what I ended up doing :/ which kind of sucks because now I can't hear how things sound haha. my reading comp is just gonna be that much higher than my listening/speaking I guess!

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