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Pronunciation of words on hover

Hey there, I have a feature suggestion.

When translating from my native language (English) to another one, I sometimes have to hover over a word to see what the translation is. This is super helpful, but if it's a new word for me I find myself thinking every time "I wonder how to pronounce that".

I thought a neat feature would be to have little "speak" buttons beside the translations so that I can hear what the word is and recognize it later.

It could be useful the other way around as well, but instead of having the speak button in the English translation it could have it on the original foreign word.

Would other people find this useful as well?

September 15, 2017



I prefer Forvo to check pronunciation. It has native speakers whereas the Duolingo voices are computer-generated and not always accurate. For example of Forvo:



I'll give it a go! Thanks for the tip


That would be very cool!! Also super helpful.

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