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"I just drink water as a meal."

Translation:저는 식사로 물만 마십니다.

September 15, 2017



저 = I (formal). 는 = topic marker. 저는 = I.

- 식사 = meal. 로 = as. 식사로 = as (a) meal.

- 물 = water. 만 = only. 물만 = only(/just) water.

- 마십니다 = drink (formal).

- 저는 식사로 물만 마십니다 = I meal as water only drink. (I drink only water as a meal.).


vocab: 저 (I), 식사(meal), 물(water), 마시다 (to drink).

- particles: 는 (topic marker; marks topic), 으로* (as; with), 만 (just; only), -습니다 (formal formality [idk what to call it].).


- *idk what it actually means chdhsjz - Polite informal: 나는 식사로 물만 마셔요 (This isn't accepted by Duolingo for some reason)


Why is -로 the appropriate particle for 식사? I understand it can be used to mark instrumental, but if that's why it's being used then I don't understand the reasoning.


Nobody commented on how this person died in a month, from lack of nutrition?


For a normal case they may be true, but for people who practice fasting and what they eat, they can do this for over a month easily. Arnold Ehret fasted for over 40days, and this was a record set over 20years ago, i won't be surprised if the current records are greater than two months.


The hints for "just" do not match any of the possible answers. Android


물 is water, 만 is just


Why is 저는 식사로 물만 마셔요 incorrect?


It isn't but it's a different level of formality...


It's correct. Report it.


Why do we not have an object particle 을 after 물만?


만 is a particle in itself


Sure, but Korean often stacks multiple particles at the ends of words. Why is one left off this time? Is this colloquial only or is this also done in proper written Korean? And, if the latter, would it be incorrect to add the particle anyway?


Can you give an example of the "multiple particles stacking"?

I'm not sure I understand what are you referring to.


Why didn't "just" appear in the correct sentence when the sentence specifically put "just" in there? And where would it have gone if it was included?


Mmmh.....not sure if I understand but 만 means "just"


So how are you still alive?


나는 식사로 물만 마셔요 isn't accepted. Is this the correct way to informally polite say the same thing?


I think this sentence actually suggests that water is the only thing that they 'drink' for dinner, which implies that they still eat other things while only 'drinking' water.


as a meal not with the meal


만 is telling us that it is 'just' or 'only'


are there any issues with

오늘 믈만 식사로 마시셔요



The issue is the use of 오늘.

It's usage suggests that you just drink water as a meal only for today. Normally you don't do that.

Whereas the given sentence shows a habit, i.e. You just drink water as a meal every day.

Hope this helps.


Incorrect spelling of 물 (water), and 마셔요 is also misspelt

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