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Is there a way to stop the Duolingo Owl from popping up during my lessons?

I assume s/he is meant to be encouraging, but I find it more of a distraction and annoyance. I didn't see any settings to remove the Owl, and I hope I'm not stuck with it permanently.

September 15, 2017



The setting is labelled "motivational messaging". Presumably "motivational" is a mistranslation of some word meaning "in the way".


I can't find 'Motivational Messenging' or any similar listing in my Settings.


Hmmm. Are you looking in the setting on your phone, or through the website? They only appear on the phone.

...and I found that setting on my Android phone. Are you using an Android device, or an Apple one?


Ah, that's the problem - I'm using an iPad. I'm surprised the Owl-suppression feature is only enabled on Android devices.


Thank you. This will save me one much time. I turned off sound effects too and it's so much quicker now.


I find the owl extremely annoying on the ipad and can't find any way to get rid of it.


It's probably an A/B test to see if it is motivating or not so it maybe permanent or not depending on the results of their testing.


I think you're probably right, the owl has only just started appearing on the ipad app for me. I rather like it, but I can see why you might not.


It also pops up on my iPhone since a few days back. Getting 5 correct answers in a row is not such a big achievement when I'm only strengthening old material, is it?


No I don't suppose so.

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