"Wanafunzi wamefaulu mtihani"

Translation:The students have passed the exam

September 15, 2017

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Its a mess. The English is so poor. I have to report almost every second sentence. Someone should really review this course.


Thanks for all your reports, I hope that each time we do, it will improve the course.


More issues with articles.


The English translation sounds unnatural. "The students have passed an exam / examination" or "The students have passed the exam / examination" is much better.


Students have passed the test wasnt accepted.Why?


Also, the abbreviation "exam" should be accepted for this and other questions that use "mtihani"; it feels more natural to most of us (although it is good typing practice hahaha)


Thid englisj translation needs articl6: The students passed an/the examination


Haaaa, with the artickles my answer wasn't correct =D


Need to use either an or the before examination


Examination to me has a feeling of a medical examination rather than a test or exam for school. Just saying. Obviously no native speakers of a non African-English dialect for this course.


who's to say that's a bad thing? american or british english isn't superior to african english, and in some cases, english like this can help us get the mindset of a speaker of this language. This isn't a matter of what dialect they speak in but just a matter or how negligent people can be.

Glad your issue has been fixed now.


I don't think that the issue is whether British or American English is better or not, it is more that it's very difficult to learn the language when you are also having to learn the translation because it uses non-standard grammar structures. That's not to say that the non-standard structures are wrong, but that several options for right answers should be available to facilitate learning.

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