"To maso je pro psa."

Translation:That meat is for the dog.

September 15, 2017

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Why is it not "this meat"?




I had the same question as above. The pull-down menu under "To maso" says "that/the/this." If "this" is not correct, then maybe you should remove it from list of meanings here.


I guess it is missing ( toho), i would say better to say for a dog, not for the dog = pro toho psa not pro psa.


Wouldn't toho be too strong of a word? "That meat is for that dog"


If we mean a specific dog, then the "the" is correct here. Czech does not have articles and there is no 1:1 equivalence.

"toho" is accepted in the other direction


Does Czech have articles? Most Slavic languages do not. If ten/ta/to means "the," a definite article, then does Czech have the indefinite article "a/an"?


It does not. The direct literal translation of sentences lack articles. "This is dog" "That is house", but they mean the same thing as the English equivalent sentence containing the correct articles. This is seen by hovering of the English word "a/an" in a sentence and the descriptor says "No Czech equivalent".


The scroll-over menu offers "this" as a meaning for "to". But if you say "This meat is for the dog" it is counted as wrong.


Removed. But the situation that one of the possible meanings of a word will NOT be a good fit for a particular sentence will come up VERY often. Be prepared for that. You cannot just take a dictionary and translate every word like a machine.

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