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Spoken and listening Skills

So is there no way to deactivate the audio lessons when you are online. When you use the skip feature, the lessons shows the question as answered wrong. Therefore the lesson can not be finished. The app allows you to turn the audio features off, I do not understand why that is not an option for the online courses, let alone the fact that I am not answering the questions wrong I am just not answering them. This is immensely frustrating & inaccurate.

September 15, 2017



There is a way. Go to settings and disable the speaker.


There is a way to deactivate audio lessons online! You need to click on "Settings". Then there are three options below the e-mail, "Microphone"(Speaking lessons), "Speaker"(Hearing lessons) and "Sound effects"(Name explains itself). Then, you just need to turn "Microphone" and "Speaker" off. Hope that I can help you :-) (Sorry for my bad English, it isn't my first language)


Thank you; They are a nightmare to find though I dug through setting for 10 or 15 minutes then finally commented. I do not know if i had the wrong page or not. Initially when I logged in the setting were set up differently. I noticed to while i was looking that I am not the only person who cannot locate that setting. I finally did a google search and found some one who left a link which directed me to the page. I am also not sure I can find may way back, I may be some what inept though. I do still find it frustrating that if you have located this setting you a penalized for skipping the audio questions. The app allows you to skip with out penalty. I don't feel that one should experience penalty for skipping a question and wanting to answer it later. It does not necessarily mean we can not answer the question, only that we cannot answer right now. Thank you very much for you answer to my predicament.

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