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  5. What do I do with my lingots?


What do I do with my lingots?

I have 186 lingots, but I already bought everything, what can I do?

September 15, 2017



Buy streak freezes, weekend amulets, give them to helpful people/comments/posts, collect them till they can be used for other things.

I would not recommend giving to lingot beggars as it does not promote learning but instead a bad habit.


wait until the Duolingo store finally gets new stuff!


Does anyone know if they are coming up with more things for the store? Cause it is quite boring. Like all of my lingtos are adding up and there's not much to do with them. (I have 217) So it's like, are the Duolingo people (Whatever you want to call them) going to do something about it? That'd be awesome!!!


Lingots exist to appeal to your hoarding instincts. I have to buy a streak freeze every once in a while but my 1495 lingots otherwise only satisfy my need to collect them.


I only have 27 :)


keep them for comments you like. Or lingot beggars. lol


Give them to somebody else. And then, same problem, what will he or she do with them?

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