"Are you interested in that man?"

Translation:Zajímáš se o toho muže?

September 15, 2017

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Does "se" and "o" always stick together? So if se is in the sentence, so should o be?


Mathias1005, has a great question. The hint didn't have "o" as a hint, but yet, again, when i didn't include it in my answer, my snswer is incorrect.... Losing these hearts are maker in this free app not nearly as fun as it was.


Question: is it improper to use 'Ty' here?

This is how I answered: Ty zajímáš se o toho muže?


Thank you! I felt lost with 'se', this helps me a lot.


"Zajímá Tě ten muž" is a correct answer and shall be accepted. Thank you.


There are many accepted forms and this one was missing, added.


How about "Ten muze se zajimas?"


No, impossible. It must be with either

"zajímat se o něco"="to be interested in something" -> "Zajímáš se o toho muže." where "toho muže" is the object in accusative and the omitted subject is "ty".


using "zajímat" as "Ten muž tě zajímá?" or more common "Zajímá tě ten muž?" where "ten muž" is the subject in nominative and "tě" is the object in accusative.


What is wrong with "Máš zájem na toho muže?"?


That would be the preposition. "Máš zájem O toho muže" is accepted.


"Ten člověk tě zajímá." is missing as well, i suppose all "člověk" are missing? Thx


From what I have seen so far they have decided to translate it as follows:

člověk - man (preferred), person

osoba - person (preferred), man

muž - man (preferred), husband


Would this be acceptable? "Ty jsou Zajímaš se o toho muže?"


There is no place for the "jsou". It just does not belong there. Also, it is zajímáš with the long Á. And se must be in the second position.

You cannot directly translate this passive construction "are you interested" in Czech. Firstly, there is no such equivalent with this meaning, secondly you have not learnt the appropriate grammar for such passive constructions yet. It would involve participles (like the English participle "interested") and not normal forms like zajímáš. (e.g., are you loved? - jsi milovaný?)

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