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Duolingo Settings

I have been doing french for two week now and I'm at the point where I can look at the words and know what they are but I can't listen to the words and know what they are. I have started to just listen to the words and type them but I was wondering if I could take the words off and just have audio. I'm really trying to get better at understanding french and was wondering if there is a setting for this.

September 15, 2017



You need to install the web user script from Camilo "DuoLingo tree enhancer".


Awesome! where can I find this.


Wow thank you so much.


For some additional resources and fluency tips/advice, you can check out this :)


French is fascinating, good luck.


Merci pour le lien


Merci, j'aime le lien.


Well, there is a question where they have audio only and you type it in. Or else, when a normal question comes, don't look directly at the screen look only at your keyboard and type it in. If you want to repeat the audio, there is a keyboard shortcut, or just position your cursor on the button before-hand. That's what I did.

But 2 weeks is too early to try practicing your listening only. Get a good grip of the sentence structures, grammar, spellings, and try seeing a relationship between how each word is pronounced. The T&N helps. After you are half-way down the tree, or have passed the third checkpoint, your grasp would be better, so start listening-only then, and you would have also supplemented your Duo course by other sources too.

But also in the starting you must pay attention to the listening. It's great that you have identified it's importance at an early stage :)


Thank you very much for the advice. I have already been using other sources and the T&N section but do you have any advice on pronouncing words better. I don't want to sound dumb like i'm trying to have a fake accent or something.

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