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  5. "Co ti o sobě řekly?"

"Co ti o sobě řekly?"

Translation:What did they tell you about themselves?

September 15, 2017



There is another correct solution - "Co ti o sobě řekli". You cannot tell whether the speaker is talking about men or women.


But you are translating from Czech to English here....


I was redirected here from a listening exercise. It told me to write what I hear.


But how can we know if you don't tell us? Disabling the audio.


Same again (audio exercise). When will we be given the option to report these things using the report button?


Who knows, we certainly do not. If you honestly wonder, you can ask Duolingo Troubleshooting or report a bug officially. Duolingo staff don't read it here and we have no influence on the website.

The more reports they get they migjt take the issue more seriously.


I have done so (though I found at least two further threads which address the problem, too, which I upvoted). Everybody who reads this please leave a positive vote on https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28350397$comment_id%3D28350397 in order to enforce the procedure.


"Co ti o sobě řekli?" je také správná odpověď.


Is there any difference between how "ly" and "li" sound in Czech? If not, then both the feminine and the masculine ending should be accepted in dictation.


dictation disabled now


Yes, there is a small sound difference between "ly" and "li". In case of need the difference can be emphasized by the speaker.


No, there is no difference and it is highly misleading for our learners to say what you are saying.

One can, when emphasizing the orthography, use some other I sound, narrower and wider and unnatural to Czech, but that does not mean there is any difference in i and y in Czech. The difference exists in Polish and dialects close to the Polish border may have this feature.

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