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"Is hij nog steeds met de bal aan het spelen?"

Translation:Is he still playing with the ball?

September 15, 2017



Nog steeds. Why not simply Nog?


Nog would also be grammatically correct. But nog steeds puts the emphasis in that the action should have been over by now.


Why is it not "Is hij met de bal nog steeds aan het spelen"?


I wrote: Is he still playing the ball. It was wrong and I agreed with noticing the fine difference (very little) in English between "play the ball" and "play with the ball".

However, I am also wondering whether such nuance exists in Dutch? For example, "hij is een bal aan het spelen" and "hij is met een bal aan het spelen", are they all correct? Is so, which one of the two is more commonly used?

Thanks in advance:)

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Only the latter is correct.

However, that is because "bal" is not defined (what game is he playing?). So these sentences are completely fine:

  • Hij speelt met de voetbal - he is playing with the football/soccer ball
  • Hij speelt voetbal - he plays football/soccer
  • Hij is aan het voetballen - he is playing football/soccer
  • Zij speelt met de basketbal - she is playing with the basketball
  • Zij speelt basketbal - she plays basketball
  • Zij is aan het basketballen - she is playing basketball

Note the difference between 'plays' and 'is playing' in the Dutch sentences. :)


To give more insights, would you tell me whether "De baby speelt een bal" is a correct sentence?

Thanks for the input and the answer to come in advance :)

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No, "speelt een bal" is never correct. "Je speelt met een bal" is the only correct way of saying it.


Thanks, you've been really helpful

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You are welcome! :)


To further clarify: I play with a basketball (the object), I play basketball (the sport).


Speel hij nog met de bal????? Right or wrong

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