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Suggestions for improvement

Hi everyone, Korean alphabet is a bit hard for me. I need a little help from you. A site, a game... Whatever introduces more about Korean alphabet.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks :)

September 15, 2017



I used the multiple choice game on the following site to completely memorise all the hangeul characters within 60 minutes. I hadn't started learning hangeul or Korean at all before this:


I answered 100~300 questions in each mode (until I had been consistently getting every answer right for a while) before moving on to the next mode. I went though the modes in roughly the following order:

  1. vowels, 5 choices, hangul→roman
  2. vowels, 5 choices, roman→hangul
  3. basic set, 5 choices, hangul→roman
  4. basic set, 5 choices, roman→hangul
  5. full set, 5 choices, hangul→ roman
  6. full set, 5 choices, roman→hangul

In total I answered exactly 900 questions in those 60 minutes (which means a reasonably slow average of 4 seconds per question). Then I simply went to the "Hangul" page on wikipedia and spent about 30 minutes reading the most important parts about the rules for hangeul:


So I had spent only 90 minutes in total learning hangeul that day.

A few days later I happened to see a random comment written in Korean on a Youtube page. Even though I hadn't practised hangeul at all since that first day, I was still able to remember everything well enough to slowly read the entire sentence without needing to look up the symbols! (But I had no idea what any of the words meant as I hadn't started learning the language yet!)

I doubt this is a normal recommended method, but learning hangeul on that website using sheer trial-and-error + speed seems to have worked pretty well for me. It set me up well for starting the Korean course on Duolingo a few days later and not having to worry about hangeul too much at all. Hope this might help someone else too. ^^


Thank you for sharing your experience, it helps thanks again :)


Word. Can be overwhelming, but one of the few useful resources.


Thank you for the guids :)



The first lessons of this course deal with hangeul. It also available in French, Spanish and Portuguese.


how do you like the korean course vs the japanese course so far?


You know, both of them are interesting languages :) But I think (without considering Kanji) Japanese is a bit easier. I love both of them equally :) what do you think?


Hey, I used this to learn Hangul in only a few days. I had trouble at first just looking at charts but I thought this website really helped simplify the alphabet and make it easier to learn: http://letslearnhangul.com/

Let me know what you think!


For serious students, Shu Chaang has just posted an amazing compilation of helpful sites for learning Korean. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25843190

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