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  5. "Matěj, how tall are you?"

"Matěj, how tall are you?"

Translation:Matěji, jak vysoký jsi?

September 15, 2017



I think this should be accepted: Kolik měříš Matěji?, Matěji, kolik měříš?, Kolik měříte Matěji?, Matěji, kolik měříte?


Oh, have we already learned that word?


the word order - "Matěji, jste jak vysoký?" is incorrect - why is that? One of the moderators included a link to a more extensive resource on word order in one of the discussion threads but I forgot to write it down - is there a way to access an archive of the (very informative) discussion threads? Excellent program, many thanks to the moderators!


You are violating the second position rule for "jste".


I answered Matěji, jak vysoký jste? , between that answer and jak jste vysoký, which sounds more natural?


"Jak jste vysoký?" is the most natural default.


I hear this word order all the time and the second position sounds natural to my ear now. However, I get confused about the meaning of the sentence. Can you please explain to me why it doesn't mean 'how are you tall?'.


What should the 'how are you tall' mean?


How tall are you? Means what is your hight And how are you tall? Refers to what is the reason that made you tall? So my question is how do you differentiate between the two meanings How would you write it for each meaning? Thanx


Refers to what is the reason that made you tall:
Proč jste tak vysoký? Jak je možné, že jste tak vysoký?

How tall are you?:
Jak jste vysoký? Jak vysoký jste?

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