"Ona se o to začíná zajímat."

Translation:She is starting to be interested in it.

September 15, 2017

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I think "she begins" should be a valid translation. Especially for non-native English speakers.


She starts/She is starting are interchangeable for present tense, but several times in this course only the latter is accepted as correct.

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They may both be translated as present tense in other languages, but "*She starts to be interested in it" sounds at the very least odd to this native Am English speaker


In a sentence without "se" the "to" should take the second position, isn't it?E.g. "She is starting to see it ("it" =the issue)" >Ona TO začíná vidět and not "Ona začíná to vidět" which would be wrong. Am I right?


Thanks. I 'll take notes of this, Endless-in-Helping. :-)

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