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What does the United Kingdom flag actually mean?

Is it simply a combination of the flags of England, Scotland and Ireland. (And Wales is not represented as it was part of the Kingdom of England when the originally Union Flag was created in 1606.)

This theory was only based on this picture:

Is this true, or do different parts of the flag represent something? Does anyone have any thoughts or views regarding this? Thanks!

September 15, 2017



the cross of st george-england (red cross, white background) the saltire of st andrew-scotland(white diagonal cross, blue background) the saltire of st. patrick-ireland(red diagonal cross on white background). you could try looking this up on wikipedia where there is a very detailed history and pictures.


Oh my, I didn't even notice that. It's such an obvious thing, yet, I'm sure many people never recognized this.

It may be true. I mean, it seems like the case based on the other flags you showed. I don't know for sure, as I would have to look it up and obtain confirmation. If it is, then that would be amazing!


I love your question. The union jack is called like this because King James the first wanted to unite Scotland with England and Whales (these were allready united in the time of king Henry the VII because he was welsh). Also, the english flag has a legendary history: it was the pattern on the shield of the legendary St.George who slayed the dragon. Hope this information will help you!


The colours are also important; red for the King (or yellow/gold), blue is for the Gentry (Knights), and white for the people/nation. Furthermore black represents the Religious leaders. The cross is also a symbol of Christianity.

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