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Bonus grammar skills

I had a thought, looking around trying to learn french I learnt that there are some tenses within french that aren't really used anymore but still pop up from time to time, especially in literature. I understand that duolingo doesn't really try to teach us absolutely everything but instead gives us a strong foundation to be able to use the language and learn on our own. So these parts of the language might not fit in anywhere in the tree but I think it would be great to have stuff like passé simple, futur anterieur, etc. as optional skills.

September 15, 2017



They might add a Tree 2.0 like they did with Dutch.


I believe it will happen sooner or later but I can't really see how the more literary tenses would fit in the tree. Knowing them isn't a must but it helps especially if you intend to read a lot. Therefore I believe they would much better fit as optional bonus skills than mandatory skills in the tree.


The indicative past future (futur antérieur) is taught in the course.

The tenses we don't teach are:

  • indicatif : passé simple
  • indicatif : passé antérieur
  • subjunctif : imparfait
  • subjonctif : plus-que-parfait
  • impératif : past

We'll think of it when we write a new Tree...

[deactivated user]

    Yes! I love the new grammar skills like "Pres Tense 1".

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