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  5. "Noc byla hluboká."

"Noc byla hluboká."

Translation:The night was deep.

September 15, 2017



What does this mean? I've never heard this expression before. .


"Hluboká noc" is almost a poetic expression in Czech. The meaning of the sentence is: "The night was late." or "It was late at night."

I suppose, the English expression "Deep night" is not used very often nowadays. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzUg-2vPkOQ :-)


Mozna tohle je jako "Deep into the night?". To jsem slyšel před.


It would be wrapped in a context such as "They talked deep into the night while the fire burned lower"


"hluboká noc" can mean "hluboká tma" = deep darkness The most natural translation to English I can think of at the moment:
You're describing something that happened "in the deep of the night" or "deep in the night". It can also mean "in the middle of the night" (well before dawn).


I must admit I have never heard this expression in the UK at all. What I wonder is why 'the night'and not just 'night'


Perhaps it means that we're talkin about "that" night and we've mentioned it before


I am not really good (like many other Czechs) in English articles, but F.S. Fitzgerald also wrote Tender is THE night.


I’ve never heard anybody describe a night as deep in English. However, we do have an expression “in the depths of” which can refer to dark things like despair, grief and possibly the night as well.


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