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  5. "Noc byla hluboká."

"Noc byla hluboká."

Translation:The night was deep.

September 15, 2017



What does this mean? I've never heard this expression before. .


"Hluboká noc" is almost a poetic expression in Czech. The meaning of the sentence is: "The night was late." or "It was late at night."

I suppose, the English expression "Deep night" is not used very often nowadays. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzUg-2vPkOQ :-)


Mozna tohle je jako "Deep into the night?". To jsem slyšel před.

[deactivated user]

    It would be wrapped in a context such as "They talked deep into the night while the fire burned lower"


    "hluboká noc" can mean "hluboká tma" = deep darkness The most natural translation to English I can think of at the moment:
    You're describing something that happened "in the deep of the night" or "deep in the night". It can also mean "in the middle of the night" (well before dawn).


    I must admit I have never heard this expression in the UK at all. What I wonder is why 'the night'and not just 'night'


    Perhaps it means that we're talkin about "that" night and we've mentioned it before

    [deactivated user]

      I’ve never heard anybody describe a night as deep in English. However, we do have an expression “in the depths of” which can refer to dark things like despair, grief and possibly the night as well.


      Please understand that this course shows you the Czech expressions or idioms and then tries to find the best appropriate English translations. English idioms are shown in the courses of the English languge.


      There was a popular song when I was young (a long time ago), probably from an American film, "How Deep the Night"


      Google only seems to find "So Deep is the Night" which is an old movie song with many re-interpretations.

      There are also English expressions "deep in the night" (hluboko v noci) and "deep into the night" (hluboko do noci), related to this strange "The night was deep."


      My recollection is "So deep the night, no moon tonight "No friendly stars to guide me with their light" That is as far as my memory goes! It suggests to me a very dark night.


      This makes absolutely no sense as a translation.


      The Shorter Oxford Dictionary give "intense" as a meaning for "deep". It quotes as example from the American author Nathaniel Hawthorn "deep night" and the expression appears to have been used a number of times in his work.


      thank you! however, we do not need to expand anyone's grasp of their native language. i suspect we will simply adjust to our prevailing users' sensibilities (and delete the exercise).


      Correct translation is "Late at night". It's not about the darkness, it's about the time.


      It's kind of poetic so it can be about anything. But you're right that it can also mean "It was late at night".

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