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  5. "그 휴대폰은 어떻게 생겼습니까?"

" 휴대폰은 어떻게 생겼습니까?"

Translation:How does that cell phone look?

September 15, 2017



Does "생겼습니까" work to ask both for appearances and personalities?


Only physical appearance, it seems.

생기다 - have the appearance of / look like.

잘생기다 - Good looking

착하다 - Good-natured,


휴대폰? Not 핸드폰?


Same thing. 휴대 comes from 携带 which means "mobile". 핸드폰 is simply "handphone" which is Konglish.


Why is this present and not past?


The closest English interpretation is in present tense. It translate more directly to "How well-made is that phone?"


Surely it should be 'what does the mobile phone look like?'


Apparently a more literal translation would be 'how well-made is the phone?' So 'how does it look?' is a bit colloquial, not really asking what the phone looks like.


I will never get over how sassy the Korean robot says the 까 at the end. She doesn't need your plodding input and she can't believe you don't already perceive all the data she does, mere meatbag. Every question she's ever asked has been quietly rhetorical.


In one exercise phone was not accepted you had to write cell phone, but in this exercise just phone is accepted.


휴대폰? Not 핸드폰?


both are acceptable. (휴대 means 'carrying')


You were somehow at -1 for saying something which is correct. I got you back to 0, but nothing will ever restore my faith.


생기다 is 'to be formed' ... is the question asking how is its structural appearance and technological capabilities rather than aesthetic appearance? because the use of 'to be formed' is a bit strange


Form means shape or figure, and generally stands in place of the word "appearance."

Of course, form is almost always linked to function (this is endlessly touted throughout history, especially in proto-evolutionary theory); however, they are questioning the phone's outward appearance: they are trying to find it.

If it were they other way around they would ask about its function (기능) or its construction process (만듬 (from 만들다)). Alternatively, they might ask about its components or parts as well.


The correct English would be closer to "What does that cell phone look like?"

And, we would drop the cell. No one loses the thing plugged into the wall, the one that's always at home.


Is that handphone pretty is not accepted

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