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An official 100xp challenge in the app?

So I just got a notification on my phone about a 100xp challenge (Android). Apparently it'll end in the next 54hrs 54min as of this posting. So what are your guys' thoughts on this? I think it's pretty cool that Duo's doing stuff like this.

September 16, 2017



I liked it too. I already finished 100XP and got 10 lingots for it.

Hope it'll encourage more people to practice too.


Must you get the xp on android or pc? Or does it not matter?


I just did a practice on web and then went back to the app; the xp from the web didn't count in the app (it still sits at 0xp for me). So it looks like the xp is app only.


Thanks. Updated my comment.


It just takes a while for it to update. I just did a 100 points on web, and when I checked the app it was still at 0, even after closing and re-opening the app. A few minutes later I checked the app again, and it updated to a 100 and I got the notification.

tl;dr: It'll sync, it just takes a few minutes.


At the time of the discussion, it did not do that. I noticed only a couple weeks after I made this thread that the xp started transferring and I'm sure the others here have realized that by now as well.


Mine was on Android (and based on LupoMikti's comment below it looks like it's app-only XP that counts).



My XP was even increased from 100XP (1st time) to 150XP on the Android app this time.

Bad news: Only Android XP mobile app gained XPs are counted - not any strengthen excercises from the website (as it works with Clubs)!

[deactivated user]

    I didn't get anything.?


    Are you using the Android app? That is where I received the challenge. Not sure it is available on iOS app as we'll have to see if anyone else reports it.


    got it on my HTC ... happy happy happy!


    I finished it in 10 mins and got 10 Lingnots


    oi! Just saw this which is weird. I totally looked through popular and new and even used the search bar to see if someone had made a discussion for this before I made one. Sorry about that LupoMikti!


    Haha, that's quite alright. Sometimes these forums can be wonky.

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