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Universal Language

[deactivated user]

    Is there such a language such as a universal language like a circle language?


    September 16, 2017



    We do have a universal language (Esperanto), but it's just not very universal (yet).

    L. L. Zamenhof wanted Esperanto to be a simple, easy-to-learn language that everyone could use. And he did it; Esperanto has really simple grammar. While his language did catch on (for a while, the League of Nations and the UN both seriously considered adopting Esperanto), it didn't catch on as much as would be necessary to be a universal language. However, I think that Zamenhof's dream isn't a failure. People from around the world meet at Esperanto conventions, and Esperanto is the only conlang that has native speakers, meaning that people got married and the strongest common language they had was Esperanto and spoke it at home to the extent that their children picked it up as a native language.

    So, while I believe Zamenhof's dream was a success, it's not quite on the scale as Zamenhof hoped for. Either way, Esperanto is probably our best bet for a universal language in the future.


    It may seem weird, but I'm thinking that if space travel becomes an everyday reality, esperanto will become a necessity. Fingers crossed.


    I really like that there are so many different languages. It allows people to express more than a single language could, and also helps our species problem solve more things. I wrote a post about it a while back called How Languages We Speak Shape The Way We Think.


    > " . . . a trail of bread crumbs, showing us how to get to the next level as a planet."

    Big Bird planet? Tweety Bird planet? Dodo planet?

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