"You're saying that the cat turned on the water?"

Translation:고양이는 물을 틀었다고 말해?

September 16, 2017

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I'm not an native english speaker, but I think this sentence is a question. (If this sentence is not a question, please correct me.) So I translated this sentence "지금 고양이가 물을 틀었다고 말하는거야?". However, there is no words like that.

Instead I wrote "고양이는 물을 틀었다고". In Korea, we usually say "~이(가) ~했다고?" to make sure what we heard. But Duo said that is wrong..

I don't know how to correct this problem, so someone help me!

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Duo ud wrong. You are correct. I don't know who made this Duo Korean. They made so many mistakes in grammar and expression.

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First sentence: Duo is wrong.


As a Korean this translation is a complete catastrophe. Are they using google translate or what?

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