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  5. "부엉이가 길 위에서 날아요."

"부엉이가 위에서 날아요."

Translation:The owl flies above the street.

September 16, 2017



Is there a different translation for "road" as opposed to "street"? I've seen 길 used for both but I was marked as wrong for using "road" in the answer.


my 'an owl flies above the road' was rejected. i suspect it's because i used 'a' instead 'the', but i still don't know when to use one or the other. could anyone explain please? i try to read the tips but they are too hard to understand. help!


Lol @ reinventing the language to account for poor spelling


Pueongika gil wiesa naleoyo.


I don't think Americans spell flys as flies anymore.. I haven't seen it that way in a long time, and I forgot you're supposed to spell it like that. Just Saying.


Uh, we definitely do spell it as flies. Let's not encourage the already illiterate youth, eh?

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