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  5. "Yes, that's it!"

"Yes, that's it!"

Translation:Ano, to je ono!

September 16, 2017



So... if anyone remembers Pat and Mat, they always said "A je to". Websites and even Czech friends have told me this means: "And that's it". Colloquial difference or can I use "Je to" instead of "to je ono"?


"A je to" is basically short for "A je to hotovo." meaning "And it's done." whereas "To je ono" or "That's it" can be used in more different occasions I would say.


I think I may be missing something can I also say Ano to je on instead of ono. If not why?


'on' means him. 'ono' means it. Changing 'ono' to 'on' would change the meaning. Imagine you are being massaged and it's really good, you might exclaim, ano, to je ono! Yes, that's it (that hits the spot/that's really good). Saying, "yes that's him" would be different.


Is it possible to leave off the "to"?


No, it's a phrase.


As I understood it, "Ono" is the directed version of "to". And vice versa. Why can't this sentence be "Ano, Ono je to" ?


This is pretty idiomatic. Even in English.

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