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"Does your grandmother make sweaters and socks?"

Translation:Tvoje babička vyrábí svetry a ponožky?

September 16, 2017



Can one use vytvořit in this case?



Vyrábět is imperfective, vyrobit perfective.

Vytvářet is imperfective, vytvořit perfective.

There is also a difference in meaning:

vyrábět = 'make; produce; manufacture; fabricate'

vytvářet = 'make; create'


Thanks! I meant to say can someone say - Vytvářet for this case?


You can, but the difference in meaning still applies.

Tvoje babička vytváří svetry a ponožky? = more like 'create'

Tvoje babička vyrábí svetry a ponožky? = more like 'produce' - I'd say this is more natural in this case.

You can also say: Tvoje babička plete svetry a ponožky?

plést = 'knit' ;)


Could you not just use dělat?


No, sounds very unnatural.


Yes, you can. "Tvoje babička dělá svetry?"


LetitiateT is Slovak. It may sound natural to say "Tvoja babička robí svetre" in Slovak ("robí" is the Slovak equivalent of "dělá"), but it doesn't sound right in Czech. We would most likely say "plete" (she knits) but that's a whole new verb.


I had this question in my placement test (translate INTO Czech). I wrote "Plete tvoje babicka svetry a ponozky?" and it told me I used the wrong word, I should have used "delat" instead of "plest". That felt completely wrong to me, I have never heard about a grandmother "delat" sweaters. Vyrabet yes, plest yes, but delat no.


Does your grandmother PRODUCE sweaters and socks? -duo rejects,takes only make.


That is among the accepted forms and we have no such report. Use "My answer should have been accepted".

We do have a report from yesterday, but it says "Does ... produces ..." and that is wrong.


hmmm, this is a question, so can we start with the verb and move the pronoun to second place like this: babička tvoje vyrábí svetry a ponožky?


No. It is necesary "tvoje babička" to be together. Just like "your granmother".

It is possible to say: Tvoje babička vyrábí svetry... Vyrábí tvoje babička svetry... Svetry a ponožky vyrábí tvoje babička? But always "tvoje babička" together.

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