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Having trouble conjugating longer verbs..

The closest thing I could find of the expression "to sweat bullets" is "In (?) dicke Schweißtropfen auf der Stirn haben."

But when I want to make a Satz using this, I'm befuddled by placement of verbs at the end, or conjugating the verb found in the phrase. Other phrases have the verb already conjugated, then what?

So "He must be sweating bullets." = Er muss dicke Schweißtropfen auf der Stirn haben sein?

September 16, 2017



"er muss dicke Schweißtropfen auf der Stirn haben" without "sein". Sounds very constructed, by the way.

"schweißgebadet sein" - being bathed in sweat - is more like a German expression, or, if you want to sound very colloquial, try tis one "er muss schwitzen wie die Sau (wie ein Schwein)" - he must be sweating like a pig ;-)


Is schwitzen a verb hier? If so, doesn't it go at the end? Or am I missing something?

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