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"That famous band records a new album."

Translation:그 유명한 밴드는 새 음반을 녹음합니다.

September 16, 2017



Am confused 새 or 새로운?


These two words are generally interchangable. There is, supposedly, a slight difference in meaning, but it doesn't seem anywhere near crucial. Anyways, it would be nice if someone could elaborate more on that


I think in some earlier post @McPwny has explained the differences to me. Can only hope that I understand them correctly.

(1) 새, adjective (determiner) meaning brand new, unused

(2) 새로운, derivative adjective from the verb form새롭다.

새롭다 = 새+롭다

-롭다 / -럽다 are suffixes usually attached to foreign nouns to change them to adjectives. (Equivalent of the -ic, -ive, -ful etc. adjectives in English).

새롭다 is just one of the exceptions where -롭다 is attached to an adjective. 새롭다 means to be like new / to carry the characteristics of 'newness'.

The difference to '새' is '새로운' carries that subtle meaning of "different from before" while '새' means "not existed before".


새 음반 = new album (recently released, not heard before)

새로운 음반 = re-released album / another (not necessarily new) album

In common usage, as you pointed out the 2 expressions are used almost interchangeably. Still it's worth noting the difference.

All comments are welcome.

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