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Really digging Duolingo's official 100XP challenge on the Android app. :D

Check out what I discovered today:
Duolingo's official Android XP challenge
Click for larger image

I'm not sure if the challenge an A/B or not. I checked to see if there were any announcements and I didn't see any. The only mention I think I've seen was someone commenting in the September bunny XP challenge. Though, I'm not certain.

Anyhow, so far I'm really digging (liking) it. Even though I'm already doing the bunny challenge, Duolingo's new official challenge makes me want to complete it immediately. If it is an A/B test, I hope it succeeds and sticks around. :)

September 16, 2017



My XP was even increased from 100XP (1st time) to 150XP on the Android app this time.

Bad news: Only Android XP mobile app gained XPs are counted - not any strengthen excercises from the website (as it works with Clubs)!


Thomas.Heiss, that's an interesting quirk. I wonder if it signals anything about Duolingo's direction in the future or not.


What is the bunny challenge, if you don't mind my asking? I have an iPhone, not Android, so I am not sure that I have encountered that.


Hi lilyflower, it is not an official feature. It is a challenge that I've been running for a couple of years in the forums. You can check it out here: 100XP A Day With Bunny challenge. ^_^

[deactivated user]

    I would like to set 100XP as my daily goal.


    Does the coach still only allow for 50 max? Well, I'll be keeping the 100XP A Day With Bunny challenge going for week 2. You're welcome to join us. :)

    [deactivated user]

      Good. I'm starting tomorrow.


      I have it too but my Android app shows 250 XP. It starts on Friday after I complete my daily goal and lasts ends on Sunday 11:59 PM.


      I already have it for several weekend. This weekend my app challenged me to earn 300 XP. It seems the number goes up every week...


      Interesting. My started with 250 a few weekends ago and has not increased.


      Ditto I'm doing both and loving it!


      WHOA. That looks amazing. Another great feature. I don't use Android/iOS, but I'm sure that everyone else is liking it.


      So cool! I'll have to get on the app more and see if I have that.


      Cool! I hope that someday they would bring all of those fun stuff to the web!

      By the way, speaking of 100xp challenges... I was doing your Bunny challenge (which I love, BTW!) and everything was alright until Tuesday when I was going to report my progress, but I couldn't find the post anywhere! I think it got negative votes and disappeared. :( Even though I couldn't comment, I have been keeping up with my daily goals.


      It has been playing hide and go seek with the vote count going up and down. Someone posting swastikas all over the place messaged me, then their account got banned, then they came back with like 30 puppet accounts to down vote everything I've made. (This used to happen a lot when the Activity stream existed. It's happened a lot less since it was taken down. I think that is one reason why staff are hesitating to implement a new thing in its place.) The only way to get to the challenge when it is hidden is through a direct link either generated by an email notification if you're subscribed or like the one I posted in a comment here. Additionally, the website has been having some technical difficulties, so discussions are leading to 404 pages off and on as well. If you go to enter via link and you get a 404, just wait a bit and try again. :)


      How awful! Well, at least I know what's going on now. I unsubscribed to email notifications quite some time ago, so maybe I'll subscribe to posts that I will want to come back to from now on.


      Wish it was on iOS :'(


      I would like a 500xp or 1000xp challenge though.

      [deactivated user]

        How much time do you spend to get 500xp?


        I got it as well last night. Happy surprise!


        If anyone does not own a Smartphone:

        YFI: You can still use the Android app if you install an Android emulator like Bluestacks, Nox on a Windows PC (some may even support Mac).

        The emulator has support for local (offline) APK or offical Google Play store online installs.

        Sometimes it really helps to learn a new skill (lessons) for the 1st (learning) or 2nd (strengthen) round on the Android app with tapping instead having to fully type on the website portal.

        The next strengthen / lesson re-do excercises should not be exclusively on Android, but on the website, as you can make your own errors (e.g verb tense conjugation) while you have to type.....and you can, of course, better learn from those (done) errors.

        You will NOT learn (being able to RECALL) that much in the long-term, if you exclusively use the mobile apps and tapping all the time....they are too easy!


        I installed Bluestacks last month or so and it was so slow that I had to uninstall it. Maybe my computer was just too slow. :(


        Finished this 100 xp challenge but nothing happened. No message, no nothing. Was it the same with you guys?


        Bummer! :(

        It gave me 10 lingots.


        I wouldn't know about lingots because I have a lot and I lost track. No message though. Thanks for your replay, it's a consolation :D


        I'm pretty sure it's a big A/B test. On Android I've had a 250 XP weekend challenge these last three weeks or so. It appears sometime in the afternoon on Friday and gives me time until Sunday night.

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