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Really digging Duolingo's official 100XP challenge on the Android app. :D

Check out what I discovered today:
Duolingo's official Android XP challenge
Click for larger image

I'm not sure if the challenge an A/B or not. I checked to see if there were any announcements and I didn't see any. The only mention I think I've seen was someone commenting in the September bunny XP challenge. Though, I'm not certain.

Anyhow, so far I'm really digging (liking) it. Even though I'm already doing the bunny challenge, Duolingo's new official challenge makes me want to complete it immediately. If it is an A/B test, I hope it succeeds and sticks around. :)

September 16, 2017



My XP was even increased from 100XP (1st time) to 150XP on the Android app this time.

Bad news: Only Android XP mobile app gained XPs are counted - not any strengthen excercises from the website (as it works with Clubs)!


Thomas.Heiss, that's an interesting quirk. I wonder if it signals anything about Duolingo's direction in the future or not.


What is the bunny challenge, if you don't mind my asking? I have an iPhone, not Android, so I am not sure that I have encountered that.


Hi lilyflower, it is not an official feature. It is a challenge that I've been running for a couple of years in the forums. You can check it out here: 100XP A Day With Bunny challenge. ^_^

[deactivated user]

    I would like to set 100XP as my daily goal.


    Does the coach still only allow for 50 max? Well, I'll be keeping the 100XP A Day With Bunny challenge going for week 2. You're welcome to join us. :)


    I have it too but my Android app shows 250 XP. It starts on Friday after I complete my daily goal and lasts ends on Sunday 11:59 PM.


    I already have it for several weekend. This weekend my app challenged me to earn 300 XP. It seems the number goes up every week...


    Ditto I'm doing both and loving it!


    WHOA. That looks amazing. Another great feature. I don't use Android/iOS, but I'm sure that everyone else is liking it.

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