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  5. "Začíná to teď."

"Začíná to teď."

Translation:It begins now.

September 16, 2017



How would "He is beginning that now" be different from this sentence?


Alternatively - Začíná ho/ji teď.; On/ona ho/ji začíná teď. ("ho" replaces masculine/neuter nouns - eg. ten závod, to vystoupení; "ji" feminine - eg. ta přednáška; both pronouns are in accusative).


One would probably use something like Začíná s tím teď.


Why This is starting now is not accepted?


Neither this nor that suit this sentence. The "to" here is the clitic one. I know you can't do this test, because your language feel for Czech is not developed yet, but you really cannot move it from the second position, any hypothetical *"To začíná teď." is just wrong. That is the sign that this to really describes something already discussed or known, some specific it. See https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/30304525/Tip-Word-order-with-TO-as-a-stand-alone-pronoun

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