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Family 1 - verb table


I checked some lessons I'd already done to review the tables containing various word forms (I hope to get them by exercise sooner or later) and stumbled upon the verb table in Family 1 to find out the last row is completely off. I mean, the words don't seem like 3rd Person Plural at all, also Google Translate suggests different (more 3Pl.-ish) forms. Could somebody verify it and possibly fix?

I'm also not sure about 'Vy si berte' - shouldn't there be 'Vy si berete'?

I'll also ask in advance - is there a better way of troubleshooting than posting a discussion?

September 16, 2017



Thanks, you are correct. I have not had the time to check those tables yet. Doing these on the bus, using a non-phablet smartphone. These are some of the last Tips and Notes I got to before beta started; I think Demonstratives is the end for now, and after that, there should be nothing..

I fixed the verbs on my end. A few hours for sync should be all it takes. A better way of troubleshooting as a user than posting discussions does not exist; you did the best you could.


Are you planning on providing any tips in the further stages in the future?

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