"Sipendi kuwa Mwanasiasa"

Translation:I don't like to be a politician

September 16, 2017

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So does this mean "I don't want to be a politician" (similar to "Sitaki kuwa mwanasiasa"), or does it only mean "I don't like being a politician" (like: I'm a politician now, and I don't like it)? I've seen a bunch of these "-penda" sentences lately, all implying it could mean both.


I think in Kiswahili conversation this would be 'I would not like to be a politician.' if you want a more natural english translation/


I wrote "I don't like to be a politician", which was allowed as correct, knowing that this is not really very good English. Would, "I wouldn't like to be a politician" be an acceptable translation?


I'm not sure of all the nuances of the Swahili sentences, but I'd translate this as "I don't like being a politician."

"I wouldn't like to be a politician" would be, literally, Nisingependa kuwa Mwanasiasa.

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