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  5. "Vorranno più cibo."

"Vorranno più cibo."

Translation:They will want more food.

September 16, 2017



The "cibo" pronunciation sounds very odd in the recording


Yes, i agree it sounded like civo!


Does anyone know why it isn't "più di cibo" instead please? If I added "di", would the meaning have changed? Please help, thank you.


Because più di is only used for comparative, when comparing two nouns (or pronouns) by a certain action or condition expressed by a verb, or by essere + adjective (✱):

  • Paolo lavora più di me. = Paul works more than me.

  • Il piombo pesa più del ferro. = Lead weighs more then iron.

  • Questo modello costa più di quello. = This model costs more than that one.

  • Tuo fratello è alto più di te. ✱ = Your brother is taller than you.

  • Le mie valigie sono pesanti più delle tue. ✱ = My suitcases are heavier than yours.

✱ This is an alternative construction to the straightforward one: Tuo fratello è più alto di te; Le mie valigie sono più pesanti delle tue.

Vorranno più di cibo does not change the meaning of the sentence, it is simply ungrammatical.


This future section is hard. I couldn't find this verb in my dictionary. (I'm never going to use the hints)


That's because volere is irregular.

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