"Have you received your information material?"

Translation:As-tu reçu ton matériel d'information ?

September 16, 2017



"Information material"? What in the actual...?

January 31, 2018


It's very poor English, chains of nouns modifying other nouns, the kind you see in technical manuals and bureaucratic writing.

March 7, 2018


I've been a technical editor for many years and I've never seen even the worst writer use "information material"!

May 19, 2018


How about "Avez-vous reçu vos renseignements?"

November 13, 2017


Why not: "As-tu reçu tes renseignements?"

February 26, 2018


What? on parle de quoi là ?? ordinateur? fiches techniques? livre? autre chose???

September 16, 2017


Does it matter?

September 17, 2017


Yes. It makes it hard to work out a translation when the English is incomprehensible. There is no such thing in English as "information material."

July 25, 2018


I looked "material" up in word reference and it says that it is a feminine noun. So it would have "ta" to modify for possessive second person, right? Why "ton"? " material n (subject matter, content) documentation nf informations nfpl matière nf"
I used "ta matiére d'information" That makes it clear it is not gum or paint so the modifier needs to be there ("d'information.") Duo did not accept it.

October 18, 2017


"Material" is not a French word.

"un/le matériel" is a masculine noun meaning "equipment/gear".

"un/le matériau" is a masculine noun meaning "material" (metal, wood, glass...).

"une/la matière" is a feminine noun meaning "matter, subject matter, material (cotton, wool), subject".

October 19, 2017


So please clarify Sitesurf. Do I understand you to say "materiel" is incorrect usage here? I knew they wanted "materiel" be it right or wrong. where I bombed evidently??? is following it by "des rensiegements". I have doubt about when to use renseignements vs information(s).

January 19, 2019


Basically, "un matériel" is a package, like a box with books, brochures, samples, etc. in it.

"Information" in the singular means "information", not "renseignements" which back-translates to "pieces of information".

"Un matériel d'information" is probably a paquet of explanatory leaflets of some sort.

January 20, 2019


Is this correct: "Tu as reçu ton matériel de renseignement?"

March 8, 2018


Why can't you use votre matériel. The error indication says to pay attention to the gender but I thought votre was either and I don't understand why I had to use ton.

December 30, 2017


You can use "votre matériel". The issue is that the computer-checker sometimes points to non-mistakes or only one mistake while there are several in the sentence. Next time, please give your full translation so that we can understand what went wrong.

December 31, 2017


What is wrong with "avez-vous reçus votre matériel d'information"?

February 20, 2018


Accepted this from me today.

March 7, 2018


"Avez-vous REÇU votre matériel d'information?" will be accepted.

November 11, 2018


It would not be plural as there is no direct object before the verb. So no S on recu

January 19, 2019


Why is it "information" (singular)? I found in other sentences, it was informations.

February 8, 2019


Because in English information is always information be it plural or singular. You would say "a lot of information" the same way you would "a single information".

April 8, 2019


Perhaps the best translation here would be "Information pack"? Sitesurf?

March 18, 2019


Here is a term I have never heard in English "information material". There has to be a better translation than this.

April 8, 2019
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