"velký strom"

Translation:large tree

September 16, 2017

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what's the difference between ten strom and only strom? can both be used?


Normally, ten strom means the/that tree and just strom means a tree. When it is clear which tree we are already talking about, then just strom can also mean "the tree" but it is more likely for other nouns.


Why is "big tree" wrong? The one right before was "velky kluk" and "big boy" was ok.


It's not wrong, "big tree" is accepted.


Oh, well, it didn't take it, but I'm glad to know I'm not wrong.


I actually understood "velký stroj" and it accepted my answer allthough thats big machine. I am guessing that is for typo tolerance reasons, still i was surprised because it said "correct, meaning big tree" and i was like "what? stroj is machine right? tree is.... ooooooooh" :D


Yup, typo tolerance... and unfortunately, in case of a listening exercise, DL opts to inform you of the meaning rather than telling you about the typo.


Hello guys ... I need a czech english dictionary .... I cant find any just by searching on google? Do you any useful


Try slovnik.seznam.cz There are also many words at wiktionary.org

Please ask these general questions as new threads at https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/949 not in sentence discussions where it will get lost.

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