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"Die Jungen trinken Wasser" - how do we decide the verb trinken ends with 'en'?

September 16, 2017



The word 'jungen' is the plural form of 'junge', so it means 'the boys', which is the equivalent of 'they'.

In German, 'Sie trinken' = they drink.

Whenever it's 'they' it's -en at the end.


They drink water. sie trinken Wasser. Die Jungen are sie. So you use the third person plural which is trinken.


Sir, how's die Jungen equivalent to sie? Nothing about that is mentioned in notes section.


HI. You ask how "die Jungen" is equivalent to "sie" which is the pronoun for plural "they". Imagine a conversation like this: The boys are kicking the ball. Who are kicking the ball? They are kicking the ball. Once you have identified you are speaking about a plural noun you can substitute a plural pronoun when you refer to them later. Thus "sie" can stand for "die Jungen" Hope that helps a little. I don't know your Muttersprache - I hope my English is at the right level for you.


Sie stands for she and for they


German is my native language. But I checked it there in the course. Go to


and scroll down to "Conjugations of the verb sein (to be)" and there you find it in the last line of the chart.

they -en sie trinken

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