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  5. "두 아파트"

" 아파트"

Translation:two apartments

September 16, 2017



why is there no counting particle here


Technically there might be a slight difference in nuance, but it's safe to say counters are optional.


I think its because it is such a short sentance without a verb, so no clarification is needed


"Two apartments" was accepted, but whether you believe me or not, it is a misconception (Konglish, if you will) that 아파트 means "apartment" (or "flat" or "unit"). Many Korean people make this mistake and even make offical signs that say, e.g., "ABC Apartment," when they actually mean to name the entire building, not an individual home inside that building. (In my example, "ABC Apartments" would be correct, with the plural 's' added.) 아파트 refers to the entire building, so the correct translation here is "two apartment buildings" or "two apartment houses".


We do say we sell, have, or live in an 아파트. 아파트 does mean an apartment at times, depending on context.


I'm pretty sure you can use it for both... like maybe the technical definition is an apartment building, but here in Korea I hear Koreans us it for bot h all the time... but what ever man


28-04-21 it was marked wrong!


Why are they called apartments if they are built together not apart


Well actually... What I heard is that it's because before apartment buildings were built, individual rooms in large, old houses were rented out and that meant that the kitchen and bathroom were communal. Everyone renting a room had to share these communal areas. Apartment buildings were designed to allow for cheap, independent accomodation (with your OWN personal kitchen and bathroom), all the while being "stuck" with many other people. So "apart" even though all together.


Basically because you divide (cut "apart") a single building into many living units: the word originates from Spanish "apartamiento", which comes from "apartar" meaning "to separate, to divide" (source: Wiktionary)


Why is the number sometimes in front of the noun and sometimes behind it. Like in this case it's 두 아파트, then other times it's 사과 셋 개를.


사과 개를

Both are correct. They are technically not identical but the difference is negligible at learner's level.


Why is it wrong to write 둘 (i.e. the base form)?


둘 is literally just the number two (when counting), but it is truncated and becomes 두 when in front of another word like a noun/counter.

하나, 둘, 셋, 넷 when counting become 한, 두, 세, 네 when used with nouns/counters (ex. 한 개 'one thing')


DuoLingo just confused me:

Growing up Korean-native, with a Korean-speaking family, it was my understanding that 아파트 means "apartment". This would result in a literal translation of "two apartments". Why is the word "buildings" there? Is it because "Two apartments" is a stand-alone statement without much description?

Please fill me in on this, I've seen similar translations where they edit the overall sentence to only follow the generic meaning of a phrase and I've never understood the point.


In Korean 아파트 means a whole apartment building or one apartment (as in one flat in British English) depending on the context. "Two apartments" is also an accepted answer.


there should be counter here. my answer is correct


Assuming you have used the 채 counter ;)


A counter is not necessary.


Why is the object (i.e. apartment) this time at the last and the number in the front?


why isn't "아파트 두 개" acceptable?


Both 아파트 두 채 and 아파트 두 동 (shouldn't this be 이 to go with 棟) seem to get two apartment buildings. Best luck I've had for two (individual) apartments/flats is 아파트 2 개 (or 2 개의 아파트 from Google Translate) and it seems to have to be with the Arabic numeral . . .


Well i think i will learn differently here because i thought its 하나 and 둘, but here its like shorter...?


Its says I have a typo when the app only gives me the answer with the typo... 두 아파트 Shoukd be "Two apartments" but the app only gives me the "apartment" answer...


as of Apr 2021, the English selection tiles are "Two apartment". I'm reporting it cause that is not correct in English.


다 마셔 마셔 마셔 마셔 내 술잔 AYY 다 빠져 빠져 빠져 미친 옛울개 한 잔 두 잔


Would "Two apartmets" also count?


Why even have the word building if it doesnt matter & native Koreans use apartment as another word for building apparently? It just makes it confusing & even more difficult.


Dul means two in korean but they are teaching us du instead of dul.


Why "두 아파트" but not "용 엿섯

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