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"The boy does not catch the ball."

Translation:남자아이가 공을 안 잡습니다.

September 16, 2017



Why is "남자아이가 공을 잡지 않습니다" marked as incorrect?


come on guys keep learning Korean daily! don't give up! or else you would be a weakling! would you like to hear that? no! so keep learning!


파이팅!! ㅠㅠ


I thought 'boy' was 소년?


It's the same. Both should be accepted.


That's true, there's "namjaai" and "sonyeon." The latter is a cognate of the Japanese "shonen", "young man"


and are from Chinese 男子 (nam zi) and 少年 (shao nian), respectively


Although 소년 technically also means "juvenile" irrespective of gender. It's literally "young/early year".

For instance, a "juvenile detention center" in Korea uses the term "소년" and such places are for both boys and girls.


So I have noticed while doing these verb lessons that sometimes to make a negative verb they will take part of a verb, stick the negative particle in there, and then finish the verb, and sometimes they will stick the negative particle on right away, then use a simpler form of the verb after it. Is this just them trying to subtly get me used to seeing multiple registers before they actually introduce it to me so that I won't be as confused by them when they do introduce them to me?
For example, I've seen both 잡지않습니다 and 안잡습니다 for, "to not catch." Are they just different registers? If not, what makes them different or why would I use one and not the other in a given circumstance?


I did not get the correct option


I was correct why did it say I was wrong ??


This question is frustrating. Duo does not accept 는 or ~지 않다.


When that happens, please report the missing answer and they will eventually add it. You get an email, if / when they do. It might take some time, though. I just received an email from the Russian course and I haven't worked on it in a year.


I have a question about the pronunciation: there is 공 and I always hear kUng (sry I'm Austrian - like koong) but this 오 is an O ... same thing with kiss 뽀뽀 always sounds like butbo (bootbo) ...


There's no right answer here?? There's no 않습니다 in the options or is that just mine??


Try not to rely on the hints too much. If there's no suggestion for 않습니다 then think about other ways you could say it such as 안 (verb). There's always an answer!


the hover tips make no mention of 안


Can't we use 없습니다 instead of 않습니다??


help please 8. I (Not –read) ____ that magazine. 9. We (Not-send) __ that present to my uncle. 10. It’s late. I think I (go) _ __to bed now. 11. (you / go / to the party) _____?

  1. (James / open / the window) ________ ?

  2. (your mother / cook / a cake) ________?

  3. (she / get / married) ________?
  4. (you / help / me / with my homework) ________?​


Wht help do u want


I already did, don't worry


Fill in the blanks?


There is no correct options!!

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