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"We are afraid of that weird family."

Translation:Bojíme se tamhleté zvláštní rodiny.

September 16, 2017



Why is "my" not optional in this sentence?


I'm a little confused why it's "tamhlete." I see this is genitive form... So why is it genitive here? Is it because of the verb bojime? Is there some sort rule to tell us which verbs require genitive objects?


Yes, the verb bát se requires the direct object in genitive. There is no rule, you have to learn those verbs individually.


why is zvláštní not put in genitive form also? "Bojíme se tamhleté zvláštního rodiny"


rodina is feminine

zvláštního is the masculine genitive, feminine genitive is just zvláštní


Thank you for your reply, I made a mistake in my notes and placed "-ího" suffix for all under genitive singular. Now makes sense :)

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