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  5. "What do mice eat?"

"What do mice eat?"

Translation:Co žerou myši?

September 16, 2017



Is it ok to say "co myši žerou" ?


I'm really confused about the difference between "co" and "jaký". Why is this "co" rather than "jaký"? I thought it would be "Jaký" because you want to know what sorts of things mice eat.


CO means WHAT, so you ask that when it's very general - like here.

JAKÝ means WHICH/WHAT and is used when it's less general and should be followed by a noun, e.g.: "Jaké maso jíš?" - "What (kind of) meat do you eat"?

Finally, you have KTERÝ, which can basically only be used as WHICH and you have to provide a selection (or it has to be implied). For example: "Který tým máš nejraději?" - "Which team do you like the most?"


Thank you. That's very helpful. So could I say "Jaké žrádlo žerou myši?" then?


It's certainly much better than "Jaké žerou myši." :D But still, simply saying "Co žerou myši." sound a bit more natural. :)


What is the infinitive form of "žerou?" I tried looking up the verb "eat" on Wordreference and did not find the verb.


I like to use http://prirucka.ujc.cas.cz because you can search for verbs that are already conjugated or nouns that are already declined


"žrát" I suggest using wiktionary.org instead of translation dictionaries when looking for forms of known words.

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