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Resetting A Language Without Actually Resetting?

So first off, I want to explain what I mean.

Imagine being able to reset a course and playing with the "How much do you already know?" Feature without actually losing your original level?

I think this would be really cool in that we could gain XP quicker (I have finished 4 courses but have never reached Level 25 in any of them, I'm quite impatient with languages), we could also jumpstart a course to our level again outside of Duolingo. I know that I don't use a certain course for a while, but that doesn't mean I no longer remember anything, you know?

For example, I have finished the French course, I'm way better at French than I am in Spanish (my levels say otherwise), but my entire French course is not golden, meanwhile, I've been working on re-goldening my Spanish course.

It would be so cool to have these jumpstarts again, maybe not the Test Out stuff again, but just the jumpstarts, that'd be cool. I wouldn't mind the Test Out coming back after finishing it, I think it would just be too easy to gain XP honestly. But, I guess personally I would love it because I have yet to reach Level 25. :))

What are your guys' thoughts on this?

September 16, 2017



"How much do you already know?" Feature without actually losing your original level

You could just open a second account and do that type of testing there.

You could: reset then test out; reset then placement test; reset then checkpoint; ... as you wish ... without ever disturbing your main account.


You don't even need to create a new account. Just log out (or use an incognito window), click the "get started" button, click "not now" when it asks you to create a profile, and then try the placement test.


Yeah, I know, but what if you could do that on your main account without losing your level and add that XP to your level? It would make leveling up easier and it could help Duolingo know how well we still remember these languages we're practicing. :))


So this is a faster way to earn XP??? I really don't see the point in that.


I think you're missing my point. I mean for sure, it may be a faster way to earn XP, but it can also show Duo how much you remember if you haven't practiced on the course in a while. Instead of trying to re-golden everything manually and doing it one by one, which I know is beneficial to language learning, we can get it over with quickly, especially when you already feel comfortable with it. I don't want to spend 10 minutes of very basic Duolingo skills like Basics 1, Greetings 1, Basics 2, etc. when I already know the language quite well and just wanna start goldening at the middle and ends of the course. I can already start at those ends, sure, but then the beginning is still ungoldened and makes me feel unsatisfied even though I already know it so well. It would just be such a nice boost with re-goldening and gaining XP and knowing where I should be without having to make another account or losing my entire level entirely.


I can't help feeling that this would undercut the whole premise of SRS, that it tracks the individual words you need to recall and when.

If you want to skip the easy stuff, just strengthen Skills individually. [As you mention] If you work on the Sills in the difficult end of the tree, then the easier ones will get strengthened as well, as a side effect (eventually).

Anyway, regarding your idea, something like the old progress quiz? Not sure if it inferred word strengths though - I doubt it. Or even if it produced any strengthening data. If so, then it never updated your fluency either. I often thought this would be useful - boosting the Fluency score - to reflect learning/experience outside of Duolingo. Though a problem is that Fluency is tied to word strengths, and this would screw up the SRS (not that Fluency is accurate anyway). In conclusion: I would agree with something that boosted your Fluency evaluation, and gave a modest amount of XP for the effort of doing the test. If it gives lots of XP, people might do it for the wrong reasons.


I definitely get what you're saying and agree with most of it, but like SRS isn't always accurate anyway. Lime if we could have that Fluency test again and have that somewhat interrupt the SRS, well then that's what I want. The site may think I need it, but you know my exact point, I've practiced it outside of Duolingo. I love the SRS but sometimes I wish we could override it a bit and not spend more than 10 minutes on things we already know. Also, I do remember those fluency tests and the certificates that came with it, I miss it a lot and the XP add-on would be nice but I see how it can be abused. :))


@Elijah: If you're practising outside Duolingo, then it's going to be difficult for the Duolingo servers to keep track of what you know. If you want Duolingo to carry on keeping track of your learning for you, you'll have to accept that some of the time you're doing easy exercises to teach it about what you know well. It might be that you're reaching the stage where you don't need Duolingo any more, though.


I don't know about anybody else, but I would definitely like that. It would also be very motivational for me.


Yeah, I definitely feel that! I feel like seeing all these ungoldened skills I already know and have already practiced outside of Duolingo makes me feel so tired and unmotivated to continue, even a little distracted.

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