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"Hvordan er kommunikationen mellem jer?"

Translation:How is the communication between you?

September 16, 2017



Is "jer" only singular? Duolingo did not accept among.


'Jer' is only plural.


So "mellem jer" could mean "among you" (when 'jer' refers to 3 or more people)?


Yes, I suppose so. Can you only use 'between' if you refer to two people?

I think there is a slight difference between 'between you' and 'among you'

For 'among you', I would use blandt or iblandt:

"Hvordan er kommunikationen blandt jer?"


Yes, when describing a position, between is used when 2 people or objects define the extremes, among when the position is defined by more than two people or things. So this looks like a good rule: between - mellen, among - blandt.

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