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  5. how can go to next level :(


how can go to next level :(

April 1, 2014



You need to finish one lesson in 'Basics 2' to unlock the next skills in the tree.


yeh, i know that. I think finish lesson 4. after that i should go to next lesson but, i cant :(


"I exited the app, came back, and now it is refreshed and fixed. ;)" The same i did but nothing and i restarted my phone. My problem was, probably, that i changed my profile name on my pc but the phone did not synchronized. I pressed disconnect and i logged again. Now it works. Sorry for my english. I'm only on 'Food and Animals'


English was great! I read it too quickly to even realize that you had a few grammar mistakes, so I didn't notice until I was finished reading


Same here I think I am doing well but can't get past level 3 @ phrases


After many tries I figured out that I did not finish all my lessons, so go back to all your lessons and you will see which one is not done yet , mine are now all ok and am moving up, hope this helps!


I have completed Basic French 1 & 2 as well as phrases (many times) and it won't move me to the next level (4) What is the problem?


I would like to know how to read the chart, and find out what it What the XP# mean.


How can I move to level 2 or to the phrases ?


I cannot open Basic's 2 ??


Hi, I had the same issue. The Basics lessons are comprised of several lessons with each one. I felt kind of silly but after trying and trying to unlock the next session, I came to the realization I hadn't finished all the lessons in Basics 2. Go back into Basics 2 and make sure you have finished every lesson within Basics 2.


I have the same problem - cannot unlock food and animals.


the man what do write in french


I seem locked in level 3.. Is this a lifetime sentence?


After many tries I figured out that I did not FINISH all my lessons, so go back to all your lessons and you will see which one is not done yet , mine are now all ok and am moving up, hope this helps!


Use chrome instead of explorer


I cannot move to level 3 in basic one in the Spanish language despite finishing level 2. What should I do please


im stuck on level 1 basics 3 in Italian! what can I do to level up? and to check how fluent I am?! Please help me and answer. That would be great :)


hi, I finished phrases (french) but food is still locked. what do I do?


How do I go to next level after basics 1?Duolingo is installed on my iPhone.Thanks


I have Duolingo installed on a tablet. Which is different than Duolingo on my laptop. Duolingo on my laptop lets me go to a lab station. That has different people talking in different stories that you have to answer questions


Want to get to iregular plurals,i am stuck


I have completed my first level. How can I get second level. Help me


You need to make sure all your lessons are completed, are they all gold if not redo them, once they are all gold then you should open the next level Good luck


I have completed basic level 1 in Italian how can I move on


Hi I have now finished all and it's not moving anymore, I just keep repeating the same ones over and over, once you've done them all does it not move on ? Thank you


I seem to be stuck on level 14 on English to Portuguese. I think the problem might be that I first did Spanish to Portuguese and reached 14there. I decided to switch to English since that seems more efficient. Any suggestions?


I have completed Basics 3 and all attached lessons but can't progress. I have checked that all my lessons were completed but STILL can't open next level......HELP

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