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  5. "Znám jejího bratrance."

"Znám jejího bratrance."

Translation:I know her cousin.

September 16, 2017



It's because it indicates one male cousin as a direct object, right? Assuming/Hoping that's correct, what would the forms be for the following DIRECT OBJECT useage of "cousin" and "cousins" 1) one female cousin 2) two or more female cousins 3) two or more male cousins I'll make flash cards of these to study from. Díky!


It would have served you better if you had figured out the correct forms yourself and asked us to verify them ;)

  • I know her (one) male cousin - Znám jejího bratrance.
  • I know her male cousins - Znám její bratrance.
  • I know her (one) female cousin - Znám její sestřenici.
  • I know her female cousis - Znám její sestřenice.

To replace "her" with "his", we would use "jeho" in all four sentences.


Thanks for the input. What you said about it serving me better to figure out the correct forms and ask for verification is one of doing it. Simply asking for the correct info is another.... I didn't want to have to go "back and forth". Figured it would eliminate that and "cut to the chase". Now that I've made flashchards with the correct vocab and corresponding grammar, the info is always at hand. Thanks again!

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