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Golden Swedish Tree + 300 Day Streak

Yeah, I'm just here to do my online strut that I accomplished both of these things on the same day. Of course, I still lost a streak of almost 300 days through my own idiocy, and I'm not quite sure I'm that strong on some of the Swedish lessons, but still... HURRAH

The last month or so, I've been focusing on Swedish, with just a little progress on some other languages. Before, I was trying to treat all the languages I'm learning equally. I'm not sure that's been working as well. I feel like I learn more splitting my time, but at the same time, I feel like I learn more while splitting my time between just a few lessons.

Right now, this is my status (I know it's visible in my byline, but I'll repeat it here):

  • German - Level 20 (tree completed)

  • Spanish - Level 18 (tree completed)

  • Swedish - Level 17 (tree completed)

  • French - Level 16 (tree completed)

  • Italian - Level 15

  • Polish - Level 13

  • Dutch - Level 12 (on the old tree)

  • Norwegian - Level 11

  • Welsh - Level 10

  • Turkish - Level 9

  • Russian - Level 9

  • Romanian - Level 9

  • Hungarian - Level 9

  • Japanese - Level 9

  • Greek - Level 8

  • Swahili - Level 8

  • Portuguese (from French) - Level 6

  • Hebrew - Level 5

  • Korean - Level 4

  • Czech - Level 4

I'm not learning any of this directly for work purposes, and, yes, I intend to finish every single one of these trees. The way I see it, I have a few options that make sense:

  1. Fastest gratification: Work on the Turkish tree, as it's the shortest one among those I'm learning.
  2. Grouping: Split my focus between either Russian/ Polish/ Czech or Norwegian/ Danish (which I'd be starting from scratch)/ maybe Dutch to continue on my Germanic path. (Would also mean strengthening my German.)
  3. Focus on Italian/ Portuguese/ Romanian and maybe add Catalan.
  4. Focus on just one of the unrelated languages that I'm learning and try to master that. (I could also add Irish as a complement to Welsh.)
  5. Start another tree, unrelated to any of the others, and work on that.

My objective is to learn in the most efficient way, and to ultimately master everything Duolingo has available. That said, even though I might have started them, I know that I can't learn all these languages at the same time.

So, linguistic hive mind, what would you do in my position? Lingots to all who offer a helpful response!

September 16, 2017



I really don't know how you can practice so many languages. If I were you i would be complety confuse and mixing up languages. Even though I don't practice as much as you I would recommend you to:

-Master the languages your are learning already through reading and hearing (audiobooks work fantastic)

-try changing the option of duo, if you put that you speak english now put "I speak spanish (or german)" and re do the trees but for the point of spanish learnings or german. So you can learn a little more of the language for other perspective and it'll be more challenge to do so for two things. First you will be doing the tree in a different language perhaps some that you are not native or very fluent. And second some language like german and spanish (that i notice you already made) have nouns that possess genders and It'll be much more difficult trying not making mistakes of genders or conjugating verbs!

Anyway, good luck! and congratulations for your streak!! :)



I personally tend to try not to concentrate on closely related languages at the same time, unless one of those is significantly more advanced. There's a trade off between the way related languages help one another and simply getting confused! Though some people don't get confused too easily, so if you know from experience that studying closely related languages doesn't fry your brain, knock yourself out and have fun!

In terms of instant gratification; although short tree = shorter timeframe in theory, I'd definitely also look at how far down a given tree you are/how comfortable you are already with it. With the disclaimer that it's a very individual thing, Turkish is quite tough in terms of being non-Indo European, so I don't think its lack of length necessarily makes it a fast study. That said, you may of course just get on with it much better than I did, so if you feel that your grasp of it so far is good, then go for it.

(Another short tree is Ukrainian, although there's a chance of interference with both Polish and Russian, so bear that in mind.)


Well done 3 I also learn Swedish from about 19 days and I've finished first 2 checkpoints and 2 skills in the 3rd one, I hope I finish it in 45 days, so well done, lingots for you :)

[deactivated user]

    Yes. I want to take advantage of everything the site has to offer, too. ^^

    I've done the trees for French, Spanish, Dutch, Esperanto, and Italian (in that order). Now I want to make every tree for English speakers (along with Catalan and Guaraní for Spanish speakers) gold and post them on a golden tree gallery, starting in alphabetical order with Català all the way down to Valyrio Eglie.


    "My objective is to learn in the most efficient way, and to ultimately master everything Duolingo has available."

    It's going to take a lot of work and many, many years to get enough practice with native speakers to master more than 30 languages- Klingon in particular!

    How many hours a week do you spend in conversation using the languages from your completed trees? Your days must be pretty busy.


    I'd say I spend 45-60 minutes a day on average. Sometimes I get inspired and do more, but after a while, I can tell my brain just isn't absorbing it. If I've been going for a while, I'll make myself go back to lessons I've done and see if I can remember all the words.


    Is that 45-60 minutes on Duo, or 45-60 minutes each speaking to people in German, Spanish, Swedish and French?

    I was curious how much time per week you spent speaking to natives in these languages- regular speaking practice is the only way to master a language. Once you've finished a tree, it's the perfect time to get started!


    high fives :D Congrats on keeping such a long streak and on having a golden Swedish skill tree! Mine absolutely needs some strengthening, but I've slowly been working on keeping it as gold as possible. I'm also focusing on Portuguese, although it'll likely take me much longer than it took me to finish the Swedish course. I would really like to visit Brazil actually (a lot of languages I learn are simply for travelling reasons ;D) and I'm being expectant for learning Portuguese.

    I would suggest focusing on Scandinavian languages, but that's probably because I personally find them a lot more enjoyable. I initially had joined Duolingo to practice and learn French, but I had early chosen to start the Swedish from English course only because I loved the way the language sounded. Also, learning one Scandinavian language will probably also be effective if you plan on learning other Scandinavian languages, which is why I also decided to learn Swedish.

    Good luck.


    i would study the languges one by one so like lets say iam learning french spanish and even italian and i do a coup of lessons every day like 2 lessons of french i would stay on one like french until i finish it or go by like 2 lessons for every languge you are learning i think it would help a lot like it helped me i was taking spanish i always did 2 lessons every day i am sure it would work


    Congratulations!! That is lot of work.


    Congratulations on your Swedish Tree and 300-day streak!



    Well, since your Swedish tree is gold now, why don't you continue on with Norwegian? Since it seems like you have made quite a bit of progress, being at level 11. I think it would make more sense to finish that tree before you start Danish. If you wanted to work on another tree, you could finish Italian, which seems like you may be close to completing (I'm going off by levels). So, my advice to you would be a mix of options 2 and 3.

    Whatever you end up deciding, good luck!


    Congratulations! That is a great achievement!

    Focus on only a couple of languages for a certain amount of time, then move on to another couple languages. I do this and find it very effective.


    Formatting hint: Double space " " at the end of the line creates a new line :-)

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    "-" List symbol creates bullet points, if there is an empty line before "text 1" (like "My headline:")

    Your text is nicely readable, but some passages like the "language course levels" in the middle could maybe need some more smaller advanced formatting.


    My objective is to learn in the most efficient way, and to ultimately master everything Duolingo has available

    Are you already using Camilo's user script "DuoLingo tree enhancer" on the web, to activate the audio for right hand side translations for the L2 target language?

    It is very nice to be able to hear the audio on forward courses, even it is only TTS on DuoLingo for Portuguese, when you have finished with the answer or the correct solution is shown.


    I didn't know about that script. I will definitely check it out.

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