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  5. "호랑이 두 마리가 한국에 들어가요."

"호랑이 마리가 한국에 들어가요."

Translation:Two tigers enter Korea.

September 16, 2017



wow because i said "the two tigers" instead of just "two tigers" my answer is wrong??


Yes, because "the two tigers" would be 호랑이 두 마리는, not 호랑이 두 마리가, as "the" puts emphasis on the topic in this case.


Two tigers enter, one tiger leaves.


It shouldn't be marked wedding wrong because i wrote 2 instead of two


i think its strange that the translation of the verb is 'enter', because the verb in korean is a combination of 들다, to turn, and 가다, to go. figuratively, that would imply that the tigers would turn around to go back, as to return to korea. this interpretation is consistent with other translations on other sites and in other questions in this course. not sure how they got 'enter'.

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