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  5. "한국은 춥습니다."

"한국은 춥습니다."

Translation:Korea is cold.

September 17, 2017



First it was 한국이 then changed to 한국은 with no explanation as to why or how they were different, yet the English was the same. Confusing for new learners!


이 is a subject marking particle and 은 is a topic marking particle. It's too bad the particles cant be added separately from the nouns and therefore have their own explination, but Duolingo has never excelled in explanations. I would reccommend supplementing your studies here with grammar instruction from another site like talk to me in korean :)


It's avoided on purpose, to make the learning natural instead of systematic. Tips and Notes in the Web version supply explanations to the lessons. In this case, since both are used without explanation, both can be used interchangably.


Both answers should be accepted


Typically 이 & 가 are used the first time a noun is used. 는 & 은 are used thereafter. Without context, either could be correct.


So in my previous lesson I learned that 차겁습니다 means cold, now they say 춥습니다 means cold. What the hell is going on can someone please tell me......


차갑다 (차갑습니다) means that something feels cold when you touch it.

춥다 (춥습니다) means cold as in the weather/temperature of the air or surrounding area.


I thought korea was hot? I suppose different seasons


It's hell during the summer , and freezing during the winter . been there both seasons . talk about extreme weather lol


Come to North India. It's as hot as the sun in summers and as cold as Antarctica in winters....


I visited a few years ago in March and it was perfect weather, idk what you mean duo!


Especially during the monsoon season, lol.


What the hekk, Korea is hot during summer


And it's pretty cold during winter, unless you live on Jeju Island.


why didn't accepted "is cold in korea" ?


"It's cold in Korea." or "It is cold in Korea." probably would've been accepted. "Is cold in Korea." isn't grammatical, in English.


When 한극 is the subject do you use the 은 as the subject marker and 을 as the object marker?

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