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  5. "산이 초록색이에요."

"산이 초록색이에요."

Translation:The mountain is green.

September 17, 2017



草綠色 is the 漢字 rendition of 초록색 being “grass.” So the term literally means “grass green.”

The adjective 파르다 describes a broader spectrum of colors ranging from sky blue to leaf green (examples: 푸른 하늘/blue sky and 푸른 숲/green forest). This is the same for 파랗다 (examples: 밭은 아직 파랗다 the field is still green and 가을의 하늘은 아주 파랗다 the autumn sky is very blue).


Thanks for all the notes you leave - they are quite informative!


Just leaving a comment for reference - Thanks for the info by the way!


Thank you for this!

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