"A skyscraper of Korea"

Translation:한국의 마천루

September 17, 2017

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Okay so im pretty sure 마천루 isnt incorrect,, but as far as im concerned, its more of an idiomatic expression-- like i have literally never heard any actual korean person say that, they all say 고층건물 or 초고층건물


Pronunciation-wise, the app said (마철루). I thought I remember learning that it would be pronounced (마천누). Which is it?


It's pronounced /마철루/. ㄴ+ㄹ (or ㄹ+ㄴ) in the 받침 turns into double ㄹ.

As for the double ㄴ the 받침 combinations are: ㄷ + ㄴ ㅌ + ㄴ ㅈ + ㄴ ㅊ + ㄴ ㅅ + ㄴ ㅆ + ㄴ All of the above become double ㄴ when pronounced.

However there are times when ㄹ turns into ㄴ, so that's what you might have heard about? For example combinations where we have ㅇ+ㄹ in the 받침 the ㄹ is pronounced as ㄴ. For example the word 장래 (meaning: future) is pronounced /장내/


its pronounced correctly. nl --> ll


Nobody uses this old word anymore

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