"Die Sonne hat manche schwarze Punkte."

Translation:The sun has some black spots.

March 12, 2013

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maybe I am wrong but it should not be "...manche schwarzeN Punkte."?


Everybody wins. Both "schwarze" and "schwarzen" are fine here :)


Not a German native, but I believe you are correct.

Seems like it should be "schwarzen". I'm doing the lesson right now, so I'll report it.
Nice catch!

Edit: I deleted most of my comment because it gave out inaccurate information and I wouldn't want anyone to use it.


Sorry, but duo's version is the right one ;-) When inflecting adjectives, 'manche' qualifies as an article (German nomenclature: Indefinitpronomen) ;-) http://www.nthuleen.com/teach/grammar/adjektivendungenexpl.html (see common problem 2). This one was a bit unfair, I agree ;-)


thanks for your reply wataya I read the page you linked but I still do not get it. If manche qualifies as an article the adjective that follows is supposed to follow the weak inflection and that means its ending should be -en. If I am correct there is only one possibility for an accusative plural adjective to have the -e ending: that is the strong inflection. Where is my mistake?


I just got really confused. In my first post I agreed with you that it should be "schwarzen", but I listed reasons why it should in fact be "schwarze". -1 point for Hohenems.

Then after wataya pointed out that manche is a "der" word and that Duo's "schwarze" was right, I agreed. -2 points for Hohenems.

Now that you've re-asked the question, I'm agreeing with you again. Manche = der word, accusative case, plural noun = -en ending.

I wonder if I'll get a point back or if wataya will come and squash it and I'll be at -3 points.


OK, christian just answered my question on my stream. As he'd say 'hat manche schwarzen Punkte' and as he doesn't have any objections against 'hat manche schwarze Punkte', I think we should settle it according to what canoo.net says which looks very reasonable

  • in singular: use weak adjective inflection with the inflected 'manch...' forms

  • in plural: both weak and strong inflection are fine

  • adjectives after the uninflected form of 'manch' are always inflected according to strong declension

So, you can stick to the rules you learned and I can stick to my Sprachgefühl. Happy outcome ;-)


These are very good and valid points. The matter is even more complicated than I thought and wrote above. As I said, German declension is an abyss: http://www.canoo.net/services/OnlineGrammar/Wort/Adjektiv/Deklinationstyp/Schwankend.html

I knocked on christian's door and I hope he'll contribute his opinion. It may well be that both 'schwarze' and 'schwarzen' are ok to use. My personal Sprachgefühl still tends strongly towards 'schwarze' but this might be a regional thing.

@Hohenems (and max): very clear and thoughtful observations. That's a +5!

Waiting for further input from other native speakers...


I'm confused too. I think I just won't talk about black spots on the sun until you get it sorted out and explain it to me.


This thread is out of control now. Thanks wataya (and Christian, and canoo.net). I think this will be a lesson well learned and I won't forget it any time soon!


Nooo! I reported it. :(
Now I'll look quite the buffoon.
Thanks for the info and the link! I'll wait to report next time.


German declension is an abyss. You can always go deeper ;-)


And deeper I will go. It is even listed in one of my go to sources (the same page I linked up ^ there) as a "der word".


Why not "many"?


That would be "viele."


Thanks wataya and Christian. that clears up all doubts.

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